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CVE-2018-8121 – NT infoleak

I have not written for a long time… It’s nothing new, but it made me want to write something for the blog. I was reading the 44con’s talk: “Subverting Direct X KernelFor Gaining Remote System”[1] And I said myself, I’ll try to do the infoleak, CVE-2018-8121[2]. CVE-2018-8121 The infoleak consists in get uninitialized memory in […]

VolgaCTF 2017 – time_is

I solved this challenge with my teammate @javierprtd. Category: Exploiting. Points: 150. Binary: time_is. By executing the binary, we can see.

Well, format string vulnerability found The binary read from stdin using __getlimit function, and the unique limiter is ‘\n’.

The __printf_chk function is used for printing in stdout and checking if the […]